105 East 7th Street

Lynn Haven, FL 32405


Studio Recording

On-Location Recording

Video Production

812 founders, Calvin Gann and Tom Hoots, have over 75 year combined experience in the recording industry.  Their ability to constantly capture the heart and soul of a song has made them in demand by Gospel, Blues, Country, and Rock artists from around the Southeast.  They have established themselves as the go-to team for the pros.


The studio facilities at 812 are bright and smoke-free.  They were designed and built from the ground up to maximize your comfort and performance.  Our console, mic collection, and off-board gear was chosen specifically to compliment artists' sounds from the wide variety of music we deal with on a regular basis.  Most importantly, our Calvin and Tom have created an environment that will support your needs and help you, not just put together a good project, but to create an exceptional one!


Let 812 come to your event to capture those magic moments that can only happen LIVE!   We have a full, multi-track traveling capability to record the show, and then take it back to the studio for post-production polishing.  812 has record live events for radio broadcast, CD, and DVD release.  When you only have one chance to capture the energy and spontaneity of a live performance, make sure you trust the experienced pros at 812.


Broadcast quality video production isn’t something you just throw together.  Everything from our cameras to our multi-track audio recording capabilities have been developed to support live performance, music video, TV show, and DVD production.  Professional editing suites and the experienced people to run them will ensure that your project gets the attention that it deserves.




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